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Townsend Center Redevelopment
Townsend Center Redevelopment
The building located at 650 Townsend Street is a six story concrete structure with a precast concrete and glass exterior curtainwall system.

The floor slabs are a flat-plate, post-tensioned concrete design with small drops at each column.

The building was originally purpose-built as the San Francisco Fashion Center (a wholesale fashion mart) by the architect John Portman in the mid 1980?s.

DBD Structures provided project planning, general construction and project management services to ZORO, LLC. for the redevelopment of the structure into a dynamic multi-media/office use. The building was reintroduced to the market as Townsend Center in 1999.

The scope of work included relocation of the existing service elevator through the post-tensioned concrete floors, selective demolition of 30,000 sf of exterior wall and installation of a new curtain wall system (the left wall in the exterior photo above), construction of four separate multi-utility risers through the post-tensioned concrete floors, addition of a new two-stage, 500 ton chiller and automating its 24 x 7 operation with two existing 1250 ton chillers, construction of a new six story enclosed atrium structure and eight sets of ADA compliant toilet rooms.

The building was partially occupied during the course of the work.

The extensive number and large sizes of the penetrations in the post-tensioned concreted floors required diligent planning and careful construction engineering.

The Project was completed below the cost of the construction budget developed by DBD Structures and the Owner during the planning phase of the Project.
Townsend Center Redevelopment
650 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA
ZORO, LLC., Owner
Uesugi & Associates, Architect
Housh Rahimzadeh, Structural Engineer
Mazzetti & Associates, HVAC Engineer
Cammissa & Wipf, Electrical Engineer
6 Stories
775,000 SF
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